Keys to having a productive day

// don’t hit snooze.
The second your alarm goes off, get up and get going! Since when does sleeping “10 extra minutes” really ever help? Here’s why it doesn’t help: because when you hit the snooze button you are telling your body to enter another sleep cycle, one that you can’t fully finish (because snoozing usually lasts only 5-10 minutes…) Hitting snooze actually does more harm than good to your body.

// make your bed.
There’s a reason why those in the military make their bed first thing in the morning. It’s proven that by waking up and immediately completing a task, you will naturally complete more tasks throughout the day.

// spend time in the Word.
There’s just something special about giving Jesus your first. When you wake up and ask Jesus to come be with you throughout the day, the day is sweeter and full of joy. It’s always when I’m “down” or “upset” when I don’t want to do anything. When I’m full of energy and joy, that’s when I’m more productive! That comes through Jesus!

// complete another small task.
Have you ever listened to Dave Ramsey’s method of paying off debt? He uses the snowball effect because it builds momentum. I believe the same thing when it comes to tasks. Doing a few small tasks like “unloaded the dishwasher” or “starting a load of laundry” or “sweeping”  – that makes you feel more accomplished and makes you feel like you want to do more.

// open the blinds/windows.
This is literally the second thing I do after I wake up (because the first is going straight to the bathroom!) Let the sunlight in! When it’s dark inside the house is typically when you want to stay in bed or lounge on the couch…

// get dressed (for all of you SAHM.)
Even if it’s changing from one set of leggings to another.  Get dressed, put some make-up on, and maybe even spray a bit of smelly good stuff on your clothes. Staying in your pajamas does not help the motivation of getting things done!


A letter to my high-school self.

Dear Whitney,

This is High School. First, I want to tell you that you really will not use x squared minus y subtracted by the formula in (   ) divided by 2. You were right and indeed won that debate with your algebra teacher. Kudos. Just pass math so you can graduate and whatever you end up doing in life that requires math, you’ll be trained.

Secondly, in 7 years your life will be completely different. This is where you’ll realize that not everyone is really a “friend.” When you begin to stand up for what you believe in you’ll get cussed out, flipped off, and blocked on social media; therefore, do not live these next 4 years trying to impress the very people that will turn their back on you.

And the boys – ohhhh the boys. Let me go ahead and tell you that 90% of high school relationships do not work out anyway. PLEASE do not drop the “L” word on the first guy that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. You will meet and marry a guy that does not even live in Dalhart! His name is Josh so be on the look-out for him.

And lastly, there will be a girl that you want to make fun of the next few years. We won’t discuss her name because you’ll know her the second you meet her. She is unique and stands out from everyone else because of her love for Jesus. You currently do not understand what she is going through and you won’t for another 7 years, when you are facing the same thing as an adult. I am telling you to befriend her now so that in years down the road you do not have to seek her out and apologize/repent for the way you treated a follower of Jesus. Also, you’ll become a youth director and you’ll be guiding teenagers to be like the very person you used to mock.