Family minute vlog – 24 hour trip

On Friday we decided that we wanted to wake up Saturday morning next to a river. This is what we purchased our 4-Runner for, adventure. (Toyota nailed it with their tagline: “let’s go places”)
Josh had the idea to go to the mountains at 1:30 pm on Friday afternoon and we were in the mountains by 6:30 pm (just in time to find a camp site + eat dinner at a mountain town steakhouse + visit the fudge shop + build a campfire.)

Thankful moments: meeting my husband

Me and JoshEveryone’s husband is special to them…mine is extra special.
I met Josh at a time in my life when I was ready to surrender everything to Jesus but had no one to help me. Baby Christians need help, they need someone to disciple them. Josh was this person for me before he was ever my boyfriend.

Not many wives can say it was their husband that really led them to Jesus. But I can. I remember him inviting me to church. He watched for me through the doors of the church and when I pulled into the parking lot he met me outside so I wouldn’t have to walk in alone.

After church that Wednesday night he introduced me to godly people (as my former “friends” now wanted nothing to do with me.) I gave up drinking, partying, etc…and they no longer cared about me. Yet there I sat on a Starbucks patio making friends with genuine people.

He was patient with me as I grew spiritually. He never gave up on me just because I didn’t understand something or it took some time to grasp.

Josh and I spent every day together. I liked him and he liked me. We would text all day, every day. Then after work we would hang out and talk all night. Even when we had to part ways for the evening we were on the phone until we couldn’t hold our eyes open anymore.

He became my best friend and I became his. We knew everything about each other that there was to know at the time: past regrets, current feelings, and future adventures.

Here we are 10 years later still liking and loving each other more and more each day.

I’m thankful that this man is my husband, mine forever.