Meeting Mel

If you’re anything like me, you like to know about the people being referenced to in conversation. If someone is telling a story about “Joe” and I have no idea who “Joe” is, then the story has less affect…right?

So with my blog being new, I feel like it’s much better if I introduce my family. And since this afternoon has been a “Melody afternoon” around the house, we’ll start with her:

Starting with why I even had afternoon dedicated to Mel: the truth is, sometimes I can be hard on her. At the moment, she’s “an only child” and although she won’t always be, we aren’t sure when the next one will come. I’ve always had this dread of “only child syndrome”developing and it’s naturally forced me to be over-bearing towards her at times. The good news is I usually catch it, apologize to her, and have “a Melody afternoon.” We laugh, play, snuggle, and have special mommy/daughter moments.

Melody is 5 and super smart. I’m not just saying that because she’s my kid either. She can already add and subtract in her head… (I’m 29 and still use my fingers…) she writes the alphabet and she partially reads. She absolutely loves to learn. I kid you not, she has chosen flashcards over Barbie multiple times.

Much like the majority of other little girls, she’s a daddy’s-girl. She always chooses to sit with daddy instead of me. She always wants to ride with daddy. She wants daddy to tell her the bed-time Bible story. Lots of mom’s aren’t okay with this. Me? I love it. I wasn’t close with my dad as a child and from the time I was a little girl and began imagining my future, I knew if I had a little girl that I wanted her to be close with her dad.

Date with DaddyMorning with MelMel dressing herselfMel in Fall

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