30 before 30

I’m still in my 20’s…but not for long! I’ve got a little under a year before I hit the big THREE ZERO. I’ve always enjoyed setting goals and crossing them off the list so I’ve written 30 things I’d like to do before April 8th comes around!

1. Have new family pictures taken (iPhone selfies don’t count, professional.)
2. Attend a progressive dinner (or progressive coffee…)
3. Pay off our 2 credit cards.
4. Lose 10 pounds.
5. Buy five “just because” gifts for friends/family.
6. Memorize 10 new scriptures.
7. Go tent camping.
8. Run a mile in under 10 minutes.
9. Have Sampson completely trained as a security dog.
10. Go hiking in Palo Duro Canyon.
11. Start making breakfast for Josh on a regular basis.
12. Read through the book of Proverbs.
13. Clean out “the closet” – It’s bad enough to be called THE closet.
14. Give my weekly allowance to someone. (Yes, I get an allowance while we are in debt pay-off mode…)
15. Produce a sweet new intro for our church announcements.
16. Cook 3 new meals that I’ve never attempted before. (This is a challenge considering Josh is the cook of the family…)
17. Go skiing.
18. Have a “day-cation”
19. Keep up with my journal (now known as my blog…)
20. Have an all day “movie/pajama day” with Melody. (Should be easy come Winter!)
21. Bake Christmas goodies for my neighbors.
22. Get a bonus or raise.
23. Fit into an old pair of jeans.
24. Go to drive-in movie with family.
25. Have a “make your own sushi” date night with Josh.
26. Put more money into “secret savings” for a surprise family day. (One day I’ll blog about how I secretly put money back into a secret savings. It’s fun!)
27. Read 3 books…and they can’t be books in the Bible.
28. Have a “niece/nephew” fun day and sleep-over.
29. Host the ultimate couple’s game night.
30. Take Josh on a romantic date…something out of the ordinary.


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