Meeting Josh: On Myspace

I feel like in order to know Josh, you kind of have to know how we met. Josh will kind of slump down when people ask “how did you two meet?” because it was 8 years ago when “meeting a guy on the internet” was still out of the norm and somewhat creepy. But that’s our beautiful story: Myspace.

I had just gotten back from a regretful weekend getaway. I walked into work on Monday morning, plumped my butt down in my office chair, logged onto Myspace, and much to my surprise had a message in my inbox from a guy named Josh. The message took all but 1 second to read:

“Hey” it said.

So I’m like, who was this guy and why were all of his pictures taken from 40 feet away? Doesn’t he know a girl can’t see how cute he is from that far away? Oh yeah…and why is he messaging me?


Josh was a single Christian guy and had stumbled across my Myspace profile. He thought I was cute and he liked what my “about me” description said. I was a young girl who was tired of living a terrible life and wanted a fresh start with Jesus.

We messaged back and forth quite a bit the next couple of days, enough to bring him up in conversation with my mom and my aunt. Those two being the women they are, decided to get on Myspace and see who this guy was… and this is where the story gets crazy. They knew him! They knew his family! In fact, we found out that our family’s were very close. My dad used to work for his dad. My mom’s family used to vacation with his dad’s family. Our cousin’s rodeo together. My aunt was his aunt’s maid of honor in her wedding. The list goes  on and on… So after realizing that I basically knew this guy since I was kid (we just never actually met…), we met up for lunch.

Here we are…8 years later.


There’s a lot of details I’m leaving out:
…Like how the first time he came to my apartment resulted in us both thinking “this will never work!”
…And about how he freaked out that I told him I loved him first because we had only been dating for….well, does that even matter?
…And how he realized that he loved me while the doctors were wheeling me through the hospital hallway.
…And how he couldn’t keep in the surprise that my engagement ring was on it’s way and was super mad that he told me about it.

But we’ll save those fun memories for another day.


10 thoughts on “Meeting Josh: On Myspace

  1. Awe I love this! Mike and I met on the website plenty of fish lol! Started seeing each other in March decided to officially call ourself boyfriend and girlfriend in May I got pregnant in August got married in November and have been married 3 years this coming November and we have a 2 year old and another on the way! Crazy how things work! Plus Mike wasn’t a Christian when we met he was a self proclaimed atheist.


    1. how crazy! all of ours happened pretty fast too. We met, fell in love, got engaged, then married all within 9 months. It was crazy, but when you know, you know!
      And Mike is a Christian now, correct? I just remember scrolling through your blog and seeing all the stuff about Jesus so I’m assuming so. lol


  2. It’s so funny how things have changed over the past 8 years where meeting somebody on the Internet was a little weird, and now it’s totally normal! Your story is so sweet, and what are the odds that both of your families actually know each other! It was totally fate that y’all found each other!


  3. So fun fact, my husband and I met on a dating site when it was still kind of weird and creepy for a lot of people. He found my profile and added me to his favorites but didn’t message me because he wanted to say something more creative than “hey” but didn’t know what. When I logged in and saw he added me, I realized his profile picture was taken somewhere I had just visited with my mom that weekend so I messaged him. The rest is history 🙂 I love that you guys met on MySpace.


    1. Haha that’s awesome! Y’all were in the same place at the same time without knowing it. #fate lol. Too bad he didn’t change his profile pic sooner for you to see while you were there. That would have been cool!


  4. What a sweet story! I have met several people recently who met their spouses on-line. It’s crazy that your families actually knew each other 🙂 Small world. PS I was looking for your email address so I could respond to your sweet comments on my blog. Could you email me at so I could write you back?


  5. Loved reading how you two met and my husband and I actually met 13 years ago on So always enjoy learning that others met and went onto to fall in love and get happily married, as well, too in a similar way 🙂


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