Fall Date Ideas

If you know me at all, you know that Fall is my favorite season of the year! Today is September 7th and my porch is already decorated, my home spells pumpkin-y, boots are on stand-by, and I’ve already had several pumpkin spice lattes. To add to the fun, I wanted to share some fun Fall date night ideas!

// coffee date
Starting with one of my favorites! It’s fun to sit in a coffee shop sipping on coffee with your date. Especially in an oversized sweater while the leaves are falling outside. Even if you both buy a “specialty” coffee at $5 each, the date is still only 10 bucks.

// by the fire
Inside the home snuggled up in a blanket or out on the patio, sitting by the fire and simply talking is more romantic then you’d think! Make some hot tea (or coffee obviously) and enjoy by the fire.

// fall photo-shoot
This one costs a little more than a simple coffee date, but it can be equivalent to the cost of an expensive dinner date if you think about it. Josh and I have spent $75 on a meal before and as delicious as it was, I think about how much fun a fall photo-shoot would be. Plus, it seems like money spent on photos lasts longer than the money spent on a meal.

// christmas shopping
Most people hate Christmas shopping – and maybe it’s because they wait until the last minute and have to rub elbows with everyone in the mall. If you start early and make it a date, you might actually enjoy it! Josh and I enjoy bundling up, grabbing a coffee, and going Christmas shopping early in the Fall. It’s money we’re going to spend anyway, so really we aren’t out any money at all!

// the fair
I know, the fair can be pricey but it can also be done at a reasonable price. However I must add that now that we have a kiddo, we can’t leave her behind while we go to the fair. This Fall, I’m excited to write a post about why Josh and I go on a fair date every year and why it’s so “significant.” For this one, set a spending limit. For us, it’s $20 bucks to get in. We’ll spend an easy $25 on food for the three of us. And we don’t do rides so we set aside $20 for games for Melody. A family date night for $65.00 – not bad!

// scenic road trip
This can be as cheap as just paying for the gas in your car or as pricey as the trip turning into an overnight adventure. You decide based on your budget!


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