Fall, at my House

What better morning to talk Fall than a morning requiring a long sleeve shirt. It’s starting to cool down in Amarillo and this makes me one happy momma! Fall is my favorite. I talk anything Fall… outfits, boots, decor, even Fall Date Ideas. It’s the best.

My absolute favorite type of blog posts are sneak peek’s at other people’s homes. I’m not kidding when I say that I love driving by a house in the evening/night and someone’s blinds are open and lights/lamps are on – I slow down so that I can see how their home is decorated inside. Obsessed much? (eh…at least I don’t get out of the car.)






Warning: more Fall stuff coming on the blog soon 🙂 #unashamed

6 thoughts on “Fall, at my House

  1. Glad I got a chance to check out some of your fall decor. Your porch area seems very inviting but I love the tabletop candlescape, of course, and those tea caddies! I want…my Republic of tea tins are just on a shelf above the microwave😕 that coffe cup sign looks just right. I hope you share some more pics soon. Can’t get enough fall stuff.

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