To the mom that feels overwhelmed…

Dear mom,

Today you may be feeling overwhelmed.

Perhaps it was the 5 loads of laundry you did and you’re still not even halfway done.
If your kids would actually hang their clothes up after they’re done wearing them then you wouldn’t have as much laundry to do.

Or perhaps you just spent 1.5 hours cooking dinner only to be told “I’m not hungry” as they scoot their plate to the side.

Maybe you’ve just received that phone call from the school, again.
Same kid. Same problem.

Maybe you were having a sweet mom moment and you went into your kids room in the middle of the night just to kiss them on the cheek, but you stepped on a lego along the way. The lego you told them 5 times to pick up so you wouldn’t step on it in the middle of the night. (The lego ruined the moment.)

Or maybe what happened to me today has happened to you:
You’ve been doing everything for your child all day…you’re in the middle of something important and it’s like your child has the perfect timing to say “MOM! I’m thirsty.”
I wanted to pause and say “well I’m doing YOUR LAUNDRY – get your own water.”

…and the Lord reminded me:
Whoever gives one of His little ones even a cup of water will surely not lose their reward. (Matthew 10:42)

I’m not saying this is an excuse for your child to be lazy and for you to do everything for your kid. This is just a quick encouraging post for the mom that is feeling overwhelmed to remember…that kid of yours is really Jesus’s little baby. What you are doing for your child does not go un-noticed. Keep pressing in.

All the work you are doing and the hours you are putting in may FEEL un-fruitful, but it’s not. Being a mom isn’t always easy but you can do it!


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