14 Days of Valentines (Days 1-5)

I woke up on Thursday, Feb 1st to a Valentine’s Day card sitting on the dining room table. It was a little odd with Valentine’s Day still 14 days away but I had just asked Josh about taking Melody to get a mani/pedi for our Mommy/Daughter day and thought maybe that was his gift to me so he was giving it to me early.

I opened the card and read:

I was on cloud 9, all day! I felt like we were dating all over again. Just like the card says, he took me on a date back where it all started. You guys, this is where I met Josh, in person! (you can read our story about meeting on the internet here) I remember it like it was yesterday. I was so nervous as I got out of my little green Hyundai Elantra and walked up to him. Do I shake his hand? Do I hug him? Oh, I know – side hug. Those are appropriate. In we go! We remembered the exact table we sat at and little did I know the guy I was sitting across from would one day be my husband.



This time we sat a lot closer, held hands, and I didn’t have to worry about whether or not he liked me.

Day 2 of “14 Days of Valentine’s” – Josh knows that I’m a sucker for little random things that make him think of me. Included with this card was a coffee mug and teddy bear.IMG_4675

Day 3 of “14 Days of Valentine’s” – One of the things I love about our marriage is how well Josh knows me. If we go out to eat and the waitress comes while I’m in the restroom then he can totally order for me and know exactly what I want to eat. He knows how I like my coffee and that I like the heater on when I get out of the bath/shower. He can pick out my clothes, my accessories, perfume, and anything else that involves my opinion. Clearly, he knows I like to keep my feet warm, too.

Day 4 of “14 Days of Valentine’s” – The best things to do in life are simply doing things together. Josh knows how much I enjoy looking at open houses so he took me on a lunch date after church and we went to look at open houses around town.

Day 5 of “14 Days of Valentine’s” – For several months now I’ve been doing my own nails…even the other day when Melody and I had our Mommy/Daughter mani/pedi day, I just got a pedicure and did my own nails at home, to save money; however today he insisted I go get a real manicure and indeed I did!


Valentine’s has never been this much fun and romantic and exciting for me. Whoever said that the excitement ends when you get married was wrong.


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