Life Lately | According to my iPhone — We bought chickens

The title of this blog post alone kind of weirds me out. Something is happening to me: My dream home now consists of a newly built farmhouse on 10 acres of land with trees, chickens, a massive greenhouse, and a huge flourishing garden. I guess I’m just a wannabe homesteader.

Until the dream house comes, I’ll take the smaller home on the 1.5 acres of land with the baby trees, the small greenhouse, a small garden, and this just in: our new chicken coop AKA “Chick-Inn.”


Josh made the hen house out of palletsĀ  making it completely free!
The only thing we needed to spend money on was the wood for the coop, the chicken wire, the shavings for inside the house, and of course…the chickens.


The excitement of opening the door to the hen house and seeing an egg inside has yet to wear off. I feel like a kid who just found the grand egg on Easter Sunday after church.

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