Family Minute Vlog – Melody’s Recital

Melody is our little ballerina. Who knew we’d have a little girl dancing around on stage on her tippy-toes in a frilly little tutu.

Not me.



Growing up, I was the opposite of “girly” – I did not want my nails painted, I hated dresses, and don’t even think about curling my hair! I didn’t even start carrying a purse until my husband bought me one for Christmas the first year we were dating. I was 21 years old, y’all.

Melody is the opposite of the way I was growing up.
She still likes playing in the dirt. She feeds Rolly Pollies to the chickens all the time and loves mixing water with dirt 🙂
But she’s quick to wash her hands and she has all 20 of her lip gloss flavors organized in her pink ballerina jewelry box.

I love the little girl you’re growing to be. Be exactly who God made you to be, Mel.

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