Mommy/Daughter craft room

If you read this post on a home update we started back in September you saw how closed off and neglected this part of our home was. We tore some areas down, opened it up, and PLANNED on building a mud room. Then, two things happened:

1.) We cleaned Melody’s room (like the kind of cleaning every kid hates with every fiber of their being…)
2.) …and I bought a Cricut machine over Thanksgiving break.

With these two things happening, we also discovered 2 things:
1.) Melody had a secret stash of crafts and craft supplies. This conversation turned into tears and arguing over whether or not she should be allowed to keep toilet paper and paper towel rolls to make crafts. She begged us for a craft table and we told her she needed to prove to us that she could keep her room clean before we add anything to it.
2.) Then…after I bought a Cricut and discovered “wow, I should have bought this 2 years ago when I first wanted it…” our dining room table was nowhere to be found. It was suddenly covered with vinyl + paper + my laptop + the Cricut machine + scissors + scraps + etc…
I now understood Melody’s problem that she had the previous month and why she was shoving things in the corner.

As Christmas was approaching I had this brilliant idea to turn what would be the mud room into a craft room. I asked Melody if she preferred her own desk in her own room or if she wanted to share with mommy. The girl didn’t even hesitate. Sharing it was… and that made this momma heart happy!

We searched everywhere for a desk big enough for the both of us; however, we were NOT willing to drop $800 on the desk alone. I wanted to stock her desk full of goodies for Christmas so nothing over $200 was even negotiable. So we built! (and by we, I mean Josh…who is the handiest person I know…) I gave him the vision (thanks to Pinterest) and he delivered:


Notice the toilet paper rolls in the bin on Mel’s side of the desk…

Momma’s side:

And that’s it! That’s our craft room (for now!) We’ve already spent multiple hours in here together and it makes my heart happy, even if I’m told “mom, look!” every 30 seconds. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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