family on 4thI’m Whitney…and those two up there are Josh and Melody.

Josh and I have been married for 7+ years. (Click here to read our we met…) We fell in love and got married pretty fast, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s been the second best decision of my life.

The first best? Jesus.

I wear a lot of hats in life but one of my favorites is being mom. Melody was born in August of 2009. Our little blondie is full of energy and spunk. When she was born I turned in my two weeks notice as a marketing assistant to stay home with her. Staying home full time was a blast. I thoroughly enjoy being a home-maker, but 5 years later, it’s not necessarily full-time anymore, although it still takes priority.

Those hats I was telling you about, well a couple of them involve my passion: serving Jesus! I’m the media director at our church as well as my husband and I being the youth director’s. We love teenagers and have a desire to pursue them and help them through these tough stages in life of trying to find out who they are.

So why did I start a blog?
Actually I used to blog, a lot…
Some things came up that took priority so I deleted it completely after a while. I took that time to re-gain focus. I gained focus, but missed blogging. And well, here I am again!
Quite simple, right?

With me always on the go, blogging is my “me time.” It’s something I rarely get but realized with Melody starting school this year, I will actually have some time to sit down and blog. (For fun, check out 5 things I’ll never blog about)

So welcome! I hope you’ll be encouraged by the things you read here on my blog and I hope you’ll write and let me know you stopped by!