Calling on Jesus

Every time Melody goes to get her bike out of the garage I always tell her “Watch out for the Highlander. Don’t hit it with your bike.

Well, this afternoon she went to ride her bike while Josh and I were in the kitchen when all the sudden I heard a thud. I went out in the garage to find this…


I looked down as her precious face looked up at me and with tears in her eyes she said “This happened. And I just prayed to Jesus. I prayed that he would tell you and you would come out here and help me.”

My heart was happy.

I have been teaching Melody that in “freak out” moments we don’t freak out…we pray. We call on Jesus. And although this was such a minor incident, this was her “freak out” moment. It wasn’t a minor deal to her.

This is where it starts. This is where the training is. The garage. The home. The playground. The dinner table.

To see training pay off brought joy to this momma’s heart.

Psalm 145:18 says that the Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth.

There’s no situation too small and there’s no situation too big for Jesus. He wants to be the one we call out to first, every time. When an “uh oh” moment happens, we pray.


Thankful moments (pt. 1)

As usual, November seems to be the time to reflect and be thankful. I’m thankful year round but thought it would be fun to journal a bit about some thankful highlights in my life.

// I’m thankful for a home that seemed impossible to get into.
IMG_0527 copy.jpg

Women’s Retreat in 2013. Our guest speaker spoke a word for a couple wanting to get into a home. She said that home was coming and “you’ll be in that home before the new year…” Josh and I believed that was the Lord speaking directly to us but wow it seemed impossible! We had less than 5 months left in the year and needed to pay off (as well as save) over $10,000.00. In the natural it was actually impossible for us to do that. But God.
We had our very first home built and we moved in November of 2013.
We were able to build on a little over 1 acre of land outside of the city limits and although we put a lot of miles on our car from driving, it’s worth it.

// The ability to home school Melody.Melody HomeschooledWe learn, we grow, we talk, we play, we snuggle, we nap, we shop, we garden…and the list goes on. These are moments I cherish.

// That this is Melody’s daddy.Family
My oh my! The love these two have for each other. It makes my heart happy.

// My church.
It’s true – there is no place like Home. This place is home.