Jesus is with you, Melody.

I had a mommy break-down moment last night because Melody got in her “first fight.”

She’s in 1st grade.

It was simple first grade stuff. The “boys club” wouldn’t let her (the girl) get to the slide…however, she took the step to get to the slide anyway…the boys didn’t like that and told a boy to fight her.

I legit cried hearing how it “all went down” because my precious baby was standing there defending herself and mommy/daddy weren’t there to help her. We couldn’t tell the boy to stop, we couldn’t step in the middle and teach them to be nice, and we had never even taught Melody how to defend herself.

As I cried and snuggled Melody, she hopped off my lap and went to grab me a kleenex. When she came back in the room she said “it’s okay mom, I was fine.”

It wasn’t immediate, but later that night Jesus told me “yes, she is fine. This is why she has Me. Because you won’t always be there. Because daddy won’t always be there. Because the teacher won’t always see and the kids won’t always be nice. But I will always be there. I will defend her because ultimately she is MY precious daughter.”

And then it hit me: everything we have been teaching Melody is beginning to be put to use. All of those times I’ve told her “Melody, Jesus is always with you…even when you feel alone….” and last night I reminded her of that. Jesus is with you on the playground. He is with you in the cafeteria. He is with you when you’re in the back of the line and He’s with you when you’re in the front of the line. He’s with you when you’re taking tests and He’s with you when you’re speaking to the class.

I love you Melody Truth!

“Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

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Life Lately | According to my iPhone – New backyard version

These kind of posts are my favorite! I love to look back and scroll through the memories I capture on my iPhone. I’ve always been given a hard time for constantly having my phone with me to snap pictures, but in the end it pays off.

This Summer we have really been enjoying our backyard. When we first built our house we had no fence and no grass. It was weeds and junk. We didn’t want to get in over our heads financially so we waited…Finally, 3 years later came a fence and another year after that came the pretty yard! Waiting was no fun but the fact we were able to do such a big project without using a credit card was a big step for us!

To show how bad it was, here’s a before picture…which is pretty obvious why we never spent time in the backyard…IMG_2969.jpg

We also built our own pergola, and by we I mean Josh and his buddies. When we looked into buying one at the local stores, the price for the size was just flat out yuck. So we built bigger for cheaper and since we were paying cash, that was priority!

Now this momma wants some patio furniture but I’m remaining thankful for all that we were able to do this Summer and maybe I’ll get surprised with some for Christmas!

I also got something I’ve been wanting to experiment with for a while, a greenhouse! I didn’t use it much in the heat of the Summer but I’ve been getting it ready for Fall/Winter so I can still grow fresh veggies in the cold seasons. This has become my favorite place to be in the mornings and evenings. Who knew a greenhouse could be so “cozy” and peaceful. It’s my “me” time where I often find myself praying. I just planted broccoli, lettuce, kale, turnips (which I won’t lie…I’ve never tasted…) snow peas, carrots, and a few things that I really can’t remember planting…IMG_7063.JPG

And you can’t forget about this guy…he’s our German Shepherd.

When we started on our backyard we knew we’d definitely have to have a dog run for this guy. He doesn’t dig and he doesn’t destroy anything, but big dogs naturally ruin the grass. So we gave him 20X50 feet of space to hang out when we aren’t home and can’t keep an eye on him.


So that’s our life lately (New Backyard Version)

Now we enjoy coffee on the patio in the evenings and have even added a small pool. I’m hoping next year that our budget will allow for a big pool and possibly a tree 🙂

To check in on whether or not I’ll be a successful Fall/Winter greenhouse gardener, follow me on Instagram.