My New Digital Planner

If you know me at all you know I’m a sucker for planners. I seriously buy like 3/year, sometimes 4 if it’s extremely cute. The problem, in which my husband reminds me of about 2 weeks after each planner purchase, is that I’m just a digital person. I always end up back on my iPhone or iPad and therefore the planners I’ve purchased from Hobby Lobby and Dillards and the local boutique and online, they just end up stacked in a closet somewhere in our house. Can ANYONE out there relate??

THEN last week I came across a digital planner…You guys, I had absolutely no idea that these even existed! Every once in a while in mine and Josh’s marriage we’ll throw out a “I bought something because I was so excited I just HAD to have it. I didn’t even tell you about it because I neeeeeeded it.” Those are rare but this was one of those times (and thankfully he chuckled.) So today I’m going to share the details of my new digital planner. Hope you enjoy!

First, let’s talk price. The digital agenda I purchased was from EllagantStudios on Etsy and it was only $16.99. Keep in mind that with most digital planners you will need an additional app that requires PDF annotation. I just went with the one that this shop recommended for ease on my part (goodnote) which costs $8.00 (so a total of $25 for my new planner)

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 8.46.23 AM.png

Here’s what I love most about this agenda:
1.) It’s the closest thing to an actual agenda you can get. The tabs are clickable so you can flip from month to month as well as click on the daily tab, notes tab, overview tab, etc…

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 8.48.11 AM.png

2.) The layouts cover everything I need. There’s a month view + week view + daily view + lots more extras that I haven’t really even discovered and it’s super easy to switch back and forth to each one you need.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 8.46.49 AM.png

3.) Another HUGE thing I love (which is actually a benefit of using the goodnotes app over others and isn’t the actual planner…) is the fact that you can zoom in when you are writing so you can write your normal handwriting size and it will automatically fit in smaller areas. No writing tiny! (See example below…)


4.) Here’s the thing that sold me on a digital planner: STICKERS!!! C’mon, they’re the most fun part of planning…and you don’t have to miss out on them just because you went digital. There are all kinds of stickers on Etsy ranging from $2 packs to $20 mega packs and they are insanely easy to put into your planner. Literally just copy and paste where you want the sticker and size it however big or small you want them to be.
Here are a few stickers I’ve used so far:


5.) Because it’s digital I can add personal pictures of things that happen throughout the week leading me to also make this a journal. For example, on Monday we had a snow day so I added in a picture of Melody playing in the snow. It was as easy as emailing the picture to myself, downloading, copy/paste/resize. BOOM.

So those are my 5 favorite things about going digital (specifically with this planner and the the goodnotes app) So many of you were asking questions so hopefully this answered most of your questions – if not, comment below or shoot me an e-mail and I’ll direct you where you need to go. Happy Planning!

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 8.47.44 AM.png


Your kids want YOU

I heard a Pastor say one time that your kids don’t want stuff they want you. I can personally chuckle when I first think or hear that because let’s be honest, I can think of 7 toys right now that my daughter would vote for instead of sitting on the couch talking with me. But it goes deeper than that. For the past several months we have really been focusing on set-aside family time and I’ve seen this Pastor’s statement coming more true as we spend that quality time together.

Time where we ignore phone calls to be with family.

Time where we turn the tv off and play board games and talk.

Getting away, even if it’s camping for just 24 hours and simply being together as a family.

I truly believe this is how you get your kids heart, which is what the Lord spoke to me last year on spending quality time with Melody. I’ve always heard that the first 5 years are the most crucial years in teaching a child “who is boss and right from wrong.” Once Mel turned 6 I asked God “now what? She knows right from wrong. She knows mom and dad are boss…but what is that next crucial step?” And he answered: Time. Quality time. Listen to her. Focus on her. Build a genuine relationship with her so that she knows she can come to you and tell you everything. Get her heart.

Much like when Jesus has our heart we have a genuine relationship with Him. We talk to Him daily. We want to please Him. We strive to follow Him and His commands. The same is with our kids, when we have their heart. They want to talk to us daily. They want to please us. They strive to follow us and obey us. It’s a heart issue. You can’t get someone’s heart without the precious commodity called time.

This weekend we went on an overnight camping trip. We hiked together, played games, and sat around the campfire playing the most innocent and hilarious game of truth and dare. We laughed together and made memories as a family. I cherish these moments and I’m learning that the more times like this that we have, the more we crave. Which takes me back to the original statement: your kids wants you. They want their mom and dad to spend time with them and talk to them and invest into them. Toys are fun, in fact we just bought Melody an LOL surprise toy that she has been wanting…but I promise you this: if she is playing with that toy and I ask her if she wants to go do something as a family she will drop the doll and come with me.