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** This page is still in the making. Thanks for your patience!

This page was created with for all of you organized ones, because yes…my blog is all over the place. I blog about being a mom. Being a Christian. Being a wife. I blog for myself with my life update posts…. so here’s your quick and easy access guide to my top blog posts. Happy blogging!

Being a mom:
“Jesus is with you, Melody” – a letter to my daughter after she got in her first school fight…in the FIRST GRADE!
“Calling on Jesus” – when the stuff you’ve been training your kid pays off because they actually do it themselves!
“Training your child to leave you” – my emotional “first day of school” mom moment.
“A letter for single mom’s” – that one morning my husband made me breakfast in bed while my single mom friend nearly had a panic attack.
“To the mom who feels overwhelmed” – no description needed!