A letter to my high-school self.

Dear Whitney,

This is High School. First, I want to tell you that you really will not use x squared minus y subtracted by the formula in (   ) divided by 2. You were right and indeed won that debate with your algebra teacher. Kudos. Just pass math so you can graduate and whatever you end up doing in life that requires math, you’ll be trained.

Secondly, in 7 years your life will be completely different. This is where you’ll realize that not everyone is really a “friend.” When you begin to stand up for what you believe in you’ll get cussed out, flipped off, and blocked on social media; therefore, do not live these next 4 years trying to impress the very people that will turn their back on you.

And the boys – ohhhh the boys. Let me go ahead and tell you that 90% of high school relationships do not work out anyway. PLEASE do not drop the “L” word on the first guy that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. You will meet and marry a guy that does not even live in Dalhart! His name is Josh so be on the look-out for him.

And lastly, there will be a girl that you want to make fun of the next few years. We won’t discuss her name because you’ll know her the second you meet her. She is unique and stands out from everyone else because of her love for Jesus. You currently do not understand what she is going through and you won’t for another 7 years, when you are facing the same thing as an adult. I am telling you to befriend her now so that in years down the road you do not have to seek her out and apologize/repent for the way you treated a follower of Jesus. Also, you’ll become a youth director and you’ll be guiding teenagers to be like the very person you used to mock.



The Little Things…

One of my favorite things about my husband is that he is always thinking about me. What wife doesn’t enjoy being on her husband’s mind? It always takes me back to the beginning of our dating stages. One of my favorite memories when Josh and I first started talking was receiving a text one evening that said “Great…I locked my keys in my trailer because I was thinking of you.” Obviously, I’ve never forgotten that.

Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy well thought-out romantic ideas…but there’s something about the little things that really does it for me.

Like coming home from a friend’s house late one night this week. We were in separate vehicles and I needed gas in my vehicle. He followed me to the gas station and pumped my gas for me because it was late and he didn’t want me out by myself.

…and like making me my coffee while I’m getting ready because he knows I won’t have time. I needed those 10 extra minutes of sleep. But not only making me my coffee, but also putting it in a specific cup…one that I would choose.

…and sneaking flowers and a hand-made card on my office desk, like you did back when we dated.

…and reaching your hand over in the middle of night just to make sure I’m there.

…and randomly texting me that you love me and you’re thinking of me.

…and rolling your eyes and making the “ugh” sound when you find out we have to take two separate cars into town. Not because of gas usage or miles being put on the car, but because you like riding with me.

Here’s to 7.5 years of marriage that you have done an amazing job at making me still feel like your girlfriend.