Slow down | Watch the sunsets

In July, something personal happened in our family. Nothing terrible, just something that caused us to pause and ask ourselves if we are truly cherishing our time with each other as a family. Are we soaking things in or are we looking at our phones? Are we catching up with each other or are we catching up with other peoples lives in our newsfeed?

Last night, Melody and I were driving home and we both recognized the beautiful sunset. It’s a perk to living in the Texas Panhandle I suppose. As someone once said “you can see your dog run away for 20 miles…” ha!
So instead of just turning on our street to come home I decided to pull over. We live outside of town so the land is open and wide.
I told Melody to get out of the car and hop up on the hood.
“Really mom? I can!?” she said with wide-eyes and a big grin on her face.
I helped her up there and we just sat and stared at the sunset. It started a conversation about our Creator and how majestic He really is and that the very one that made the sun and moon and stars, created us. We talked about God’s faithfulness and how even the sun obeys God’s Words that were spoken from the very beginning.

I wrote in a post a while back called Morning Chats with Melody. It was a post on how we get precious moments like this in life and I’ve found that these moments come when you put the phone down. I’m not saying phones are bad – I am all about capturing the moment and I’m a regular story posting kind of person….but times come when you just take a picture of the moment and set the phone aside and soak it in.


So Melody,
Today I say: soak in every moment of life.
Don’t get so busy that you forget to admire life.
Soak in the sunsets.
Embrace the warm sun on your face.
Enjoy snuggling with mom and dad.

Time is so precious – spend it wisely.


Here’s what I find interesting about this scripture:

The lamp is simply giving us all the light we need. In the moment of whatever it is we are going through, we tend to want a ginormous “stadium light” that will reveal the entire meadow, field, forest, or whatever it is we are traveling through. But that’s not what the scripture is saying here. Without saying it, God is saying: “trust me from step to step. I’ll always give you enough light for the next step but just take the step and trust me. Right now I don’t need you to be able to see 50 feet in front of you, I just need you to see 1 foot in front of you.”

This doesn’t mean God never shows us the big picture or doesn’t reveal things “up ahead” but there are times where God just needs us to obey without understanding.

I’m reminded of the time I had a tumor in my left nostril that led all the way up to my brain…

I remember begging and pleading for God to please just make it fall out! After all, I didn’t have the money for surgery. I was scared. I didn’t have insurance for all of these medical bills.

God kept saying TRUST ME.

Little did I know, God was waiting for me to get on the operating table before He allowed the tumor to fall out. Why? Because it was about much more than me. He needed that doctor to see something he had never seen in 40+ years of practicing medicine.

God didn’t need me to see the “big picture”

He simply needed me to wake up every morning and just trust Him in the fact that He had me taken care of.

Today I encourage you to just simply trust God. Stop trying to figure things out yourself and just get your lamp and walk. And keep walking. And keep walking. And keep walking. And keep walking. And keep walking.