5 things I’ll never blog about

I enjoy blogging days and there’s a lot I’ll blog about…but you can pretty much bank on me never blogging about the following:

// fashion.
It’s not me and never will be. I enjoy clothes. I enjoy cute clothes. But when you add the word “fashion” – I’m out.

// beauty products.
Face creams, exfoliation, beauty product must-have’s…well, I don’t have them nor do I know anything about them. I wasn’t into this stuff as a little girl and every time I tried to learn about them as I began “adult-ing” my face told me to stop. I have stuff that I like and product that I use (of course) but I won’t be blogging about it because my level of knowledge in this area is negative 100.

// wine.
I don’t drink it and never will.

// reality tv.
Big brother. The bachelor. Real housewives. I have time for one reality show, and that’s Master Chef – but even at that, I won’t be blogging about it.

// personal problems.
I’ve always wondered why people think the internet is the place to market their problems. My personal problems get talked about with Jesus, my husband, and my close friends. That’s it. *note: there’s a difference in struggles and personal problems

Drink Coffee and Blog

…because those are the two things I enjoy doing  (preferably in the comfort of my bed.)

I used to blog, a lot. I took a break to prioritize some things and re-focus. Then I went through a phase where I thought I’d never blog again so I did the unthinkable: I hit the “delete this blog” button. And it was gone forever.

I didn’t mind for a while…but then I began to miss it. But when would I have time?

But the good news – as Fall approaches and Melody begins Kindergarten, I will have a small amount of “me time.” Some people would use that time to shop. Some would use it to work out or play golf or watch movies. Me? Well…all I want to do is sip on some coffee in my over-sized sweater while the leaves are falling outside and blog.

Blogging is a fun hobby for me. I enjoy writing about things on my heart and journaling the changes our family goes through. Being able to look back and reminisce is fun!

…and so the blogging journey begins, errr continues…


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