Life lately: Home project

Josh and I built our home 6 years ago this November. It’s our first home purchase and we built on a strict budget as our main focus was having land (which meant less money spent on the actual home.)

We knew there would be changes made in the future, so as our budget allowed we would make changes.

We started a project in July to turn our laundry room and office into one big mudroom and hang a barn door to close it off when needed.

1.) We never really used the office. I tried. Several times. But with it being where it’s located (by the garage and laundry room…) I just never wanted to go sit on that side of the house alone.

2.) We have a German Shepherd dog and he sheds…a lot. Some days I just want him put away and my house to stay clean more than 1 hour. I knew a mudroom would be perfect for that!

3.) From the day I saw those cute mudroom benches I wanted one but we never had the space to put one. Now we will!

Before pictures:


It’s a slow going process but we’ve been able to:
– knock out the walls
– re-wire all of the electrical
– work on the trim
– get the door/tracks built and stain the door

I asked Josh if we could finish the door as one of the first things so that when the project gets too messy we can just close the door and not look at it.

Josh built the door from scratch. Mostly because we refuse to pay the amount it would cost to buy one with the dimensions we needed. Since we opened up the doorway quite a bit, we needed a BIG door.

It’s the first change we have made to our house since it’s been built so it’s a little different but it’s fun making changes as we want.