“You do you…”

The world today has this mentality that “you do you” and “I do me” and as long as we all get along and unify at the end of the day everything is going to be okay. But with that mentality, everything is NOT going to be okay.

If the “you do you” statement is right then Jesus Christ died on the cross in vain.
Jesus didn’t die on the cross so you could do you. He died on the cross so you would STOP doing YOU and START living for HIM. He said “If you love me you keep MY commands…”

I’m so fed up with people who call themselves Christians yet they sit back and say/do absolutely nothing when they see someone is heading down the road for destruction all because “who am I to judge?”
Has it ever occurred to you that God (the judge) has already set in stone what causes someone to go to Heaven and what causes someone to go to hell; therefore He is relying on us to show people what gets them to Heaven and what gets them to hell…We aren’t JUDGING them, we are showing them what the judge has already said. How can a person realize the need for a savior if they don’t realize they need saved?

That’s why I can’t jump on this bandwagon of fake Christians who say “Oh you’re gay? That’s okay. You do you. I’m straight, you’re gay…but as long we get along and unify it’s all going to be okay.”
Where is that in the Holy Bible? Last I checked God said homosexuality is an abomination and it sends you to hell. So why aren’t we saying anything? HONESTLY I would like a Christian to answer me when I ask why they just sit there and pat people on the back for living in sin. 99% of them will say “because who am I to judge…my job is to love.” Since when is love tolerance? When is love acceptance of sin?
Who are you to try to change the definition of love?
Love is a warning and love SPEAKS OUT.

Love yells STOP when the bridge is out ahead and you see someone accelerating straight for the bridge.

Love yells MOVE when a kid is in the middle of the street and a car is coming.

Only the devil is stupid enough to come up with the idea that love means silence and tolerance.

Jesus said to expose evil. Jesus said to go make disciples. Find me a scripture that Jesus says we can all do whatever we want and it’s all going to be okay and I’ll delete my post and write a blog about how you can live however your flesh desires and still live in eternity with Jesus.

News flash: there’s not one.

We (Christians) need to realize what time it is on God’s calendar.

I’m reminded of playing basketball in high school when it’s a tie game and there’s only a minute left of the game. That’s not the time to slow down – you work harder, you run faster, you don’t just give it 100% but you give it 120%. Where are these Christians?