The Little Things…

One of my favorite things about my husband is that he is always thinking about me. What wife doesn’t enjoy being on her husband’s mind? It always takes me back to the beginning of our dating stages. One of my favorite memories when Josh and I first started talking was receiving a text one evening that said “Great…I locked my keys in my trailer because I was thinking of you.” Obviously, I’ve never forgotten that.

Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy well thought-out romantic ideas…but there’s something about the little things that really does it for me.

Like coming home from a friend’s house late one night this week. We were in separate vehicles and I needed gas in my vehicle. He followed me to the gas station and pumped my gas for me because it was late and he didn’t want me out by myself.

…and like making me my coffee while I’m getting ready because he knows I won’t have time. I needed those 10 extra minutes of sleep. But not only making me my coffee, but also putting it in a specific cup…one that I would choose.

…and sneaking flowers and a hand-made card on my office desk, like you did back when we dated.

…and reaching your hand over in the middle of night just to make sure I’m there.

…and randomly texting me that you love me and you’re thinking of me.

…and rolling your eyes and making the “ugh” sound when you find out we have to take two separate cars into town. Not because of gas usage or miles being put on the car, but because you like riding with me.

Here’s to 7.5 years of marriage that you have done an amazing job at making me still feel like your girlfriend.


Meeting Josh: On Myspace

I feel like in order to know Josh, you kind of have to know how we met. Josh will kind of slump down when people ask “how did you two meet?” because it was 8 years ago when “meeting a guy on the internet” was still out of the norm and somewhat creepy. But that’s our beautiful story: Myspace.

I had just gotten back from a regretful weekend getaway. I walked into work on Monday morning, plumped my butt down in my office chair, logged onto Myspace, and much to my surprise had a message in my inbox from a guy named Josh. The message took all but 1 second to read:

“Hey” it said.

So I’m like, who was this guy and why were all of his pictures taken from 40 feet away? Doesn’t he know a girl can’t see how cute he is from that far away? Oh yeah…and why is he messaging me?


Josh was a single Christian guy and had stumbled across my Myspace profile. He thought I was cute and he liked what my “about me” description said. I was a young girl who was tired of living a terrible life and wanted a fresh start with Jesus.

We messaged back and forth quite a bit the next couple of days, enough to bring him up in conversation with my mom and my aunt. Those two being the women they are, decided to get on Myspace and see who this guy was… and this is where the story gets crazy. They knew him! They knew his family! In fact, we found out that our family’s were very close. My dad used to work for his dad. My mom’s family used to vacation with his dad’s family. Our cousin’s rodeo together. My aunt was his aunt’s maid of honor in her wedding. The list goes  on and on… So after realizing that I basically knew this guy since I was kid (we just never actually met…), we met up for lunch.

Here we are…8 years later.


There’s a lot of details I’m leaving out:
…Like how the first time he came to my apartment resulted in us both thinking “this will never work!”
…And about how he freaked out that I told him I loved him first because we had only been dating for….well, does that even matter?
…And how he realized that he loved me while the doctors were wheeling me through the hospital hallway.
…And how he couldn’t keep in the surprise that my engagement ring was on it’s way and was super mad that he told me about it.

But we’ll save those fun memories for another day.