Training your child to leave you.

My days have been emotional. This whole Kindergarten thing was harder than I thought it would be. I cried the night before. In fact, after Melody fell asleep I just went into her room and held her.

She was the one I quit my job for. She was the one that woke me up in the mornings and snuggled with me in bed until she was so hungry she couldn’t stand it anymore. She was my house cleaning break (every 5 minutes) so that we could play Barbies. Who would beg me to eat candy for lunch now? Who would be my grocery store partner begging for every thing on every aisle?

Then it hit me… This is day one of what we are training her to do: Leave us.

So Melody, as you embark on this new journey – remember these things:

You are not alone. There will be days when everyone wants to play with you. There will be days when you are the line leader and get to be the teacher’s little helper. But there will also be days when no one wants to play with you. There will be days when you are “stuck” in the back of the line with everyone facing forward – remember you are not alone. Jesus is always with you, even at the back of the line.

You can do it. The world is full of people waiting to tell you that you can’t. Remember it doesn’t matter what they say. All that matters is what Jesus says – and He says, you can do it. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Be “that person” – the one that makes sure no one is alone. The one that hugs the kid that’s sad. The one that helps up the kid that fell. The one that stands up for righteousness.

Always give it your best. There will be times that you don’t meet certain expectations. You will get some answers wrong and you will miss it at some points. Our expectation is not perfection, we just ask you to always give it your best.

Talk to Jesus. He is your best friend. Don’t leave Him out of your day. And when people wonder who you are talking to, tell them.

I love you, Melody Truth. Always remember that greater is HE that’s in you than he that’s in the world.


Drink Coffee and Blog

…because those are the two things I enjoy doing  (preferably in the comfort of my bed.)

I used to blog, a lot. I took a break to prioritize some things and re-focus. Then I went through a phase where I thought I’d never blog again so I did the unthinkable: I hit the “delete this blog” button. And it was gone forever.

I didn’t mind for a while…but then I began to miss it. But when would I have time?

But the good news – as Fall approaches and Melody begins Kindergarten, I will have a small amount of “me time.” Some people would use that time to shop. Some would use it to work out or play golf or watch movies. Me? Well…all I want to do is sip on some coffee in my over-sized sweater while the leaves are falling outside and blog.

Blogging is a fun hobby for me. I enjoy writing about things on my heart and journaling the changes our family goes through. Being able to look back and reminisce is fun!

…and so the blogging journey begins, errr continues…


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