We bought an RV!

For over a year we drove by an RV consignment lot where this RV sat parked, collecting dust. It was between our house and our daily route into town so we literally passed by it every single day. Josh would beg me to go look at it every once in a while but I was just never interested in an “older RV” …then a few weeks ago on a Saturday morning, I agreed to it.
We’ve always wanted one of these particular RV’s (the type where you can drive yet un-buckle and walk back to the kitchen to make a sandwich while driving. haha!) but the price tag was a big NO GO for us; however, when the owner of this RV knew we were looking at it, he told the guy consigning it not to let us get away. This was great news for us. Obviously, it worked out in our favor and we purchased a toy we have always wanted for a price that was unheard of.

We knew it would be some work but it was all cosmetic work as the “important and expensive” stuff underneath the hood and whatnot was exactly how it needed to be. Plus, with Josh having a shop now – we knew we could park it in the shop and leisurely remodel the inside.

So the renovating has begun!